Top 10 Batsmen With Highest ODI Sixes in Cricket History

most Sixes in ODI match

Cricket Lovers always want to see a longest six from heir favorite player. When a Batsman Hit a Boll Fans will Start Prayers for the six. So today we are here to know the legends players who Hit most Sixes in ODI match.

The world of cricket, there are most famous and great players like Rocky Pointing, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Sachin Tendulkar But we are not talking about them right now. we will talk about just those players who hit the most sixes in cricket history ever.

Top 10 Batsmen With Highest ODI Sixes in History

there are many players In the cricket history who posted most and longest sixes in cricket history but Here are the Top 10 Batsman who are Legends Players with Most Highest Sixes.

Here is the List Of Top 10 Batsman With Most Sixes In ODI Match

  1. Shahid Afridi – 351 Sixes
  2. CH Gayle – 324 Sixes
  3. ST Jayasuriya – 270 Sixes
  4. MS Dhoni – 227 Sixes
  5. RG Sharma – 225 Sixes
  6. EJG Morgan – 211 Sixes
  7. AB de Villiers – 204 Sixes
  8. BB McCullum – 200 Sixes
  9. SR Tendulkar – 195 Sixes
  10. SC Ganguly – 190 Sixes

Cricketers Details with Highest Sixes in ODI Career

1.Shahid Khan Afridi – Pakistan


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 351
ODI Matches Played: 398
Active ODI Cricket Career: 1996 – 2015

Shahid Afridi Is the Number one Player from Pakistan Who hit Most sixes in His cricket Carrier. He hits 351 Sixes in 398 Matches and makes his Name in the top of the list.

2.Chris Gayle – West Indies


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 267
ODI Matches Played: 281
Active ODI Cricket Career: 1999 – Present

Chris Gayle The Boss Of cricket. Don’t need any caption for him. He is the Best Player From West Indies Who hit 324 sixes in 296 Matches and Make his name In 2nd In the list of 10.

Gayle has hit 16 Sixes during ICC CWC-2015 against Zimbabwe, that is the 3rd maximum 6s (after RG Sharma and AB de Villiers) in ODI innings. He scored 215 runs that is the 4th biggest individual score in ODI cricket history.

3. Sanath Jayasuriya – Sri Lanka


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 270
ODI Matches Played: 445
Active ODI Cricket Career: 1989 – 2011

Sanath Jayasuriya Is from Sri Lankan team who was the great batsman and bowler of All time in cricket history. He hit 270 sixes in 447 matches and he is in the Top 3rd player in the list of 10.

Jayasuriya also spanked 1500 fours during his ODI career. He stated a strike rate of 91 and an average of 32.

4. MS Dhoni – India


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 217
ODI Matches Played: 318
Active ODI Cricket Career: 2004 – 2019

MS Dhoni is Indian Player and wicket keeper. He hit 227 sixes in 346 matches in 294 innings. He is the idol player of India. India won world cup 2011 when MS Dhoni was captain.

5. Rohit Sharma – India


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 208
ODI Matches Played: 180
Active ODI Cricket Career: 2007 – Present

Rohit Sharma is in 5th Position. He is an Indian Team Player. He hit 225 sixes in 211 matches. Rohit Sharma achieved 730 fours at a strike rate of 88 and with an average of 48.

6. Eoin Morgan – England


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 211
ODI Matches Played: 227
Active ODI Cricket Career: 2009-present

In the 6th number, The great Player and captain of England with Most ODI sixes are Eoin Morgan. He spanked The 211 Sixes in 227 matches and played 221 innings. Morgan breaks all the records to hit a huge number of sixes in an inning. He spanked 17 sixes in an inning during the cricket world cup 2019 against Afghanistan.

7. AB de Villiers – South Africa


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 204
ODI Matches Played: 228
Active ODI Cricket Career: 2005 – 2018

AB de Villiers Known as Mr 360 is from south Africa.De Villiers spanked 204 sixes in 226 matches and 216 innings. The South African cricketer, who captains the South African (ODI) team is at No. 6. Widely regarded as the best batsman in the world at present.

8. Brendon McCullum – New Zealand


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 200

ODI Matches Played: 260
Active ODI Cricket Career:2002-2016

In the 9th number with Most Number of ODI sixes is Brendon Mccullum from New Zeland. He spanked 200 sixes in 260 matches and played 228 innings. During this time, he also scored 577 ODI fours, and gained a total of 6083 runs, at a strike rate of 96.37


9. Sachin Tendulkar – India


Total Number of ODI Sixes: 195
ODI Matches Played: 463
Active ODI Cricket Career: 1989-2012

The Legend Of India, Sachin Tendulkar. In the 8th Number with highest ODI sixes. He spanked 195 Sixes in 463 Matches and played 452 innings.

Tendulkar is the only batsman In ODI Matches to have hit more than 2000 fours. He hit 2016 fours to his honor. He maintained a strike rate of 86 and an average of 45

10. Sourav Ganguly – India

Sourav Ganguly Most ODi Sixees

Total Number of ODI Sixes: 190
ODI Matches Played: 311
Active ODI Cricket Career: 1992 – 2007

in the last 10th number with Most sixes In ODI Match is Sourav Ganguly from India. He hit 190 Sixes in 311 Matches and played 300 innings.

he also obtained 1122 ODI fours, and gained a total of 11363 runs, at a strike rate of 73.70. Ganguly also made 22 hundred in his One Day International career.

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Top 10 Batsmen with Most sixes in cricket career:

After all, there are more cricketers who spanked most ODI, Test &  T20 sixes in his cricket career. There are many New Cricketers and some are old.

Here is the list of players who hit Most Sixes in ODI Match

  • CH Gayle (ICC/WI) – 527 Sixes
  • Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/PAK) – 476 Sixes
  • BB McCullum (NZ) – 398 Sixes
  • RG Sharma (INDIA) – 359 Sixes
  • MS Dhoni (Asia/INDIA) – 357 Sixes
  • ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL) – 352 Sixes
  • AB de Villiers (Afr/SA) – 328 Sixes
  • EJG Morgan (ENG/IRE) – 298 Sixes
  • MJ Guptill (NZ) – 293 Sixes
  • SR Tendulkar (INDIA) – 264 Sixes