Top 5 Fastest Bowlers For ICC Cricket World Cup 2019


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will be mutually facilitated by England and Wales from 30th May to fourteenth July 2019. All things considered, we as a whole think about outside pitches of England and Wales. These are popular for the quickest bowlers. In this way, all batsmen should play the initial 15 overs cautiously. Perth and Hamilton are hazardous pitches for the batsmen and Heaven for the quick bowlers. We had made a List of Top 10 Fastest Bowlers you may miss to find in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 that can demonstrate to be perilous and deadly for batsmen.


Here is the list of top 5 fastest bowlers in Cricket world cup

  1. Mitchell Starc
  2. Mark Wood
  3. Lockie Ferguson
  4. Jofra Archer
  5. Kagiso Rabada, South Africa


1.Mitchell Starc


Mitchell Starc is Australian Players and the top of the list of Fast bowlers in the cricket world cup 2019.

In the case of Mitchell Starc, it is particularly poignant as he is also the world’s fastest bowler. Ben Stokes ‘ delivery was sheer quick bowling porn. Wasim Akram would have been proud of this delivery in his time.

Starc alone was quicker than Akram. He must certainly be. How else do you explain the absurd statistic that in over 145 kmph a whopping 32 percent of his deliveries clock.

2.Mark Wood


In the 2nd position, There is Mark wood from England with fast ODI Bowler In Cwc 2019.

Due to Jofra Archer’s brilliance, Mark Wood has been somewhat unprecedented but offers his bowling partner with the control he brings with him a great foil.

Factoring the velocity at which he bowls only adds to his effect. The titles are hogged by Jofra Archer. But Wood worked smoothly in 6 matches to 13 wickets.

They picked up 29 wickets in 7 games between him and Archer. That’s over 40% of the wickets that England will have to take. Talk up about a bowling partnership.

Wood is over 145 kmph on average in 23% of its deliveries, like Ferguson.

3.Lockie Ferguson


in 3rd position, the New Zeland player Lockie Ferguson was the Fastest Bowler In world cup 2019.

Personally, Lockie Ferguson was my fastest pick in the tournament if I can express an opinion. It is worth noting in particular that he’s a first bowler for change.

After the left arm extracted the entire swing from the Kookaburra ball, it emerges as a substitute for Trent Boult for New Zealand. He is another bowler again, like Archer, who goes to the bottom but produces a surprising purchase of the wicket.

His usage of the older ball is masterful and he probably gets the number of wickets latest bowlers–the 10-15 ball over the ancient one.

4.Jofra Archer


In the 4th position, Jofra Archer From England Becomes the fast bowler of World cup 2019.

The last quick bowling discovery in England was one of the top tournament players with 16 wickets in 7 games.

The young paceman is so difficult to manage because his run-up belies the velocity at which he releases the cherry, which is generally in the 140 kmph and above region.

His variations are on the spot and he has a particularly powerful boner about which Nasser Hussain can’t stop crucifying.

Archer bowled 22 percent of his delivered over 145 kmph.

5.Kagiso Rabada


In the 5th position, Kagiso Rabada from South Africa is the Fastest Bowler of the world cup 2019 so far. he is not too much fastest from Michel Starc or Jofra archer but he bowled the faster more then 144KMPH.

All South Africa suffered a torrid World Cup and would like to put one behind them as early as possible. But it wasn’t for effort’s want.

No player means more than Rabada, who was mostly at the rate but was very unlucky not to grab more wickets.

At number 5 he is in the list of 12% with an average of 145 kmph of deliveries.